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About Us:We support all bodies and have trainers for you.

Our Members

This is sarah. She has been working here for a year now. She is super nice and supportive to all the members. She has two cat and he has a huge amount of passion for working out, and is happy to help you.

Now that you've been introduced to Sarah lets meet Fred.

This is Fred. He just recently joined our gym. He loves working out and socializing with the members. He is very nice and someone you could always talk to.

Now that Fred has met you let's go ahead and meet Jill !

This is Jill. She loves christmas and loves walking her dog. She’s super nice and down to earth.She has been with us for many years and is always in the trainer's area helping people. She is really big on health and is always giving tips to people on being healthy.

Now that you’ve met the staff let's meet the manager Chris!

This is Chris! He is our manager and loves being our leader everyday. He has been working since the gym opened and is great at being a personal trainer. He will always be available to help you and your personal needs.

Now that you've met us we'll be happy to meet you as soon as possible at our gym!